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Episode 19: It’s a Rick & Rick Extravaganza! [52:59]


Join Rick Z. and the Executive Director of the World’s Toughest Bicycle Race Mr. Rick Boethling as they talk about all things RAW and RAAM in real life and vRAW and vRAAM starting on June 16th.

Just because RAW and RAAM have been cancelled for 2020 doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. From juggling RAAM qualifying races around the world, in these times of uncertainty, to figuring out how to create a virtual 925 mile and 3,000+ mile virtual race from scratch…Rick B. takes us back and shares how he came to RAAM and then pulls back the curtain a bit to share how the small but mighty Race Across America team does all it can to keep the ultra-cycling spirit high and top of mind.


What goes into putting on these races in real life or in a virtual world is mind-boggling. Have a listen and get some of the inside skinny!

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