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Episode 17: Michael Davies-Hughes: On what it takes to (almost) finish RAAM [1:09:19]

Welcome to the podcast, Michael Davies-Hughes. Our most quotable guest to date, Michael and Rick talk about how Michael caught the ultra-cycling bug and what drove him to give Race Across America a try. Spoiler alert – Michael didn’t quite finish his rookie RAAM attempt, but the lessons he and his crew learned along the way will be useful to anyone attempting their first or thirty-first ultra-event.

While he was ready to be back to leverage his lessons in Race Across America 2020, Michael—along with all 2020 RAAM and RAW racers—had to put his plans on hold. Find out his thoughts on this year’s race season, where he’s headed next and his thoughts on the most challenging aspect of racing RAAM. 


Following the interview, Caryn and Rick talk through their key takeaways from Michael and how his experiences can inform Rick’s race plans going forward.

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