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Episode 15: Jo Schaalman: Fueling cross-country cycling through conscious ... [54:48]


On this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Boulder, Colorado-based Jo Schaalman, co-founder of The Conscious Company and co-author of The Conscious Cleanse. Jo and Rick talk about Jo’s history as a college athlete and cross-country cyclist and how one of those crossings became the driving force behind her life’s work.


In an interview ranging from Jo’s incredible cycling story (it includes lots of pizza and Chinese food) to how she ultimately used food to rebuild her body and life from the ground up (less pizza and Chinese food!), the two discuss how ultra-endurance athletes can gear up their nutrition game. She shares ideas for small (and more significant) changes that cyclists and crew members can make to enhance their ultra-endurance experiences, sustain energy and feel better in challenging conditions.


Jo also outlines how the Conscious Cleanse and its fantastic community can provide a great jump start to learning which foods best fuel each person’s unique body. Jo’s engaging style and flexible approach to using nutrition to properly fuel your body make this interview one not to be missed.

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