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Episode 13: Bugs & Bones: Shifting focus to meet a changing reality [23:38]


It’s been over three weeks since our last episode and when you listen, you’ll see why. Of course, we’re right there alongside all of you scrambling to make things work during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. As Rick’s crew chief, Steve Barraco recently commented, “I thought we’d be dealing with a minor crash, a van breaking down or getting off course. But none of us could have predicted or can control this!”

To top that off all that’s happening COVID-19-wise, we’ve had a few personal things going on as well. In this Quick Release episode, we’ll catch you up on what’s happening with Rick’s training, crew and fundraising, as well as share what we know about plans for Race Across America and Race Across the West in the midst of our shared new and ever-changing landscape.

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