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Episode 21: VRAW Time-lapse: A real-time race report [57:08]


Per listener request, listen in as Rick’s virtual Race Across the West, or VRAW, race unfolds in this time-lapse episode. From moments before the start through to the race finish celebration, and including a morning-after update, this episode is a series of rider and crew check-ins to give a behind-the-scenes look at what is involved in a 949-mile ultra-cycling with over 80,000 feet of elevation gain, all from the relative comfort of our basement.


While we didn’t have a full crew, vehicles, the elements, other cars/trucks, and many of the typical complications of a race IRL to contend with, you may be surprised at how many similarities there were to the racer and crew experience for a virtual race. Give a listen and let us know what you think about this time-lapse format!

Show resources:

VRAAM Mental Miles:


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VRAAM Leaderboard & Tracker:


Science in Sport (Gels, Bars, Electrolyte Tabs):


Picky Bars (Pre-Race Oatmeal, Bars, Drizzle):

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