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Episode 20: A Look into Rick's Plan for the First Ever vRAW [36:57]


We’re publishing this episode on June 9th – a week before the start of the first ever virtual Race Across the West (vRAW) and virtual Race Across America (vRAAM). While there’s a lot to do to get ready, not nearly like what we and the crew would be doing getting ready to pack up two vans and physically head out to Oceanside, CA on Thursday, 6/12 as originally planned!


So, what goes into getting ready to race 945 miles with a little over 83,000 ft. of climbing in 92 hours or less on a bike? On a trainer? In the basement?

Listen in as Caryn and Rick discuss the very cool virtual cycling platform FulGaz where all of the magic will happen, training leading up to the race, including some of the amazing test rides in 7 different states, Rick’s race and nutrition plans, Caryn’s role as solo crew and a little about planned in-race social media activities and how to follow the vRAW leaderboard and track Rick from the start to the finish!

Show resources:

vRAW Leaderboard & Tracker:




Science in Sport (Gels, Bars, Electrolyte Tabs):


Picky Bars (Pre-Race Oatmeal, Bars, Drizzle):


Support Rick’s 2021 RAW race:


Race Across the West:


Race Across America:



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