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It's time to get crackin'...

Photo Credit: Scott Justesen

Countdown to RAW 2021

As you can imagine, there are significant expenses involved for an undertaking such as RAW. I will have a crew of 5 people supporting me every pedal stroke of the way.

Race protocol and tradition has it that the racer covers all of the crew expenses for the race. So, this is where I need your help! I need your financial support so I can cover the expenses of my crew members as they volunteer their time, take time away from their families and bust their butts for 3 1/2 days to help me get to the finish line! It's no easy task.

The crew and I will be heading to Oceanside, CA from Denver, CO on Friday, June 11th. There will be three days of prep, fine-tuning race strategy, setting up the vans with signage and flashing lights and more in Oceanside. Race starts on Tuesday, June 15th a little after Noon. Race will finish on Saturday, June 19th. Everyone back to Denver on Sunday, June 20th.

I will be covering all expenses relating to race registration, my bikes, bike gear (lights, wheels, tires, computer), bike shorts, jerseys, socks, gloves, helmet, shoes, etc.

Our race and crew related expenses are outlined below:

Race Across the West
Team Z RAW 2021 Race Budget
1 Van Rental (11 days): $2,000
Gasoline: $1,750
Van Signs, Safety Lights, Speakers: $500
Racer Food/Nutrition: $750
Racer/Crew Lodging: $5,600
(On route to Oceanside, Oceanside and Durango)
Crew Travel to Start and Home from Finish: $750
Crew Care & Feeding (10 days): $3,000
Misc./Contingency/Emergency: $1,000
Marketing/Promotion/Fundraising/Podcast: $750
Total Race Budget: $16,100
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There are several ways you can help support Rick's race financially. Please note that by making a financial contribution or sponsoring a time station you are doing so out of the kindness of your heart because you want to help Rick accomplish this awesome goal. Unfortunately, we are not a nonprofit organization so there can be no tax deduction! ;-) all adds up and any amount will help so please consider only what is comfortable and reasonable for you!

--->You can send a check made payable to: Rick Zwetsch

and mail to:

4218 Arezzo Drive

Longmont, CO 80503

--->You can use your debit card or favorite credit card and maybe earn some cash back, travel miles or rewards points at our GOFUNDME page:

--->You can support our team using Paypal:

--->You can support our team using Venmo:@Rick-Zwetsch

Sponsor a Time Station

There are 14 Time Stations between Oceanside and Durango where we have to report in to RAW headquarters. We'll stop at some and keep going through others. Please consider sponsoring the start, one of the 14 time stations or the finish.


Here's what we'll do for you...



Social media posts when you decide to sponsor


Your name in Time Station Sponsor chart below


Video shout-out on social media when we get to your
sponsored time station


Quick call to say hey and thank you!


Fun surprise that's a secret for now!




Social media posts when you decide to sponsor


Your business name in Time Station Sponsor chart below


Graphic with your logo + link to your Web site on this page


Video shout-out on social media when we get to your
sponsored time station


Quick call to say hey and thank you!


Your business logo on one of our two vans
(From Denver to Oceanside to Durango and back to Denver)

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Photo Credit: Scott Justesen

To sponsor a Time Station below, please use one of the methods above and either indicate which Time Station you want or send me email and let me know:

Thank you for your support!!

Start: Oceanside, CA: $500
Sponsor Name: Midge & John
TS 01: Borrego Springs, CA: $200
88.3 miles | 8,878 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Cindy & Michael
TS 02: Brawley, CA: $200
57.0 miles | 975 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Nancy & Dick
TS 03: Blythe, CA: $200
89.6 miles | 2,297 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Katie, Kyle & Sebastian
TS 04: Parker, AZ: $200
51.3 miles | 1,187 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Staro Insights
TS 05: Salome, AZ: $200
56.0 miles | 1,905 ft elevation gain
Sponsor Name: 830 Cycling & Fitness Studio
TS 06: Congress, AZ: $200
52.7 miles | 1,397 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Eva & Glenn
TS 07: Prescott, AZ: $200
50.4 miles | 5,881 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name:
Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute
TS 08: Camp Verde, AZ: $200
54.4 miles | 4,440 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Sharon Capriccioso
TS 09: Flagstaff, AZ: $200
103.0 miles | 9,978 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Eric & Stef
TS 010: Tuba City, AZ: $200
74.9 miles | 2,589 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Marc & Marisa
TS 11: Kayenta, AZ: $200
71.8miles | 3,323 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Toya & Tazi Whiteman
TS 12: Mexican Hat, UT: $200
44.7 miles | 1,573 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Dan THE Man
TS 13: Montezuma Creek, UT: $250
39.6 miles | 3,430 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Ilene & Steve Kramer
TS 14: Cortez, CO: $200
50.2 miles | 4,431 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Steve & Nanette
Finish: Durango, CO: $500
46.6 miles | 4,233 ft. elevation gain
Sponsor Name: Jan & Bob

Any money left over at the end of the race will go toward 2022 RAAM or be donated to The National MS Society. 

A thousand thanks for your support. This is a big goal and a long-time dream and there's no way I can do it without you!

Ride on friends,

Rick Z.

P.S. We'll send everyone a link to a tracking page so you can follow my progress in the race!

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