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Episode 27: Dave Brillhart, Data Fields, DaveAde and The 444 [58:09]

We’re thrilled to have a chance to visit with ultra-cyclist, master of all things stats and data, cycling cocktail creator and frankly one of the most helpful and friendly people I’ve met along my relatively short ultra-cycling journey…Mr. Dave Brillhart.

Listen in as Dave talks about how he got started in ultra-cycling, the cool data fields he’s developed for the Garmin cycling computer, his amazing cycling cocktail DaveAde and…he shares some thoughts about Natchez Trace 444 starting on Friday, October 2nd! Be sure to check out Show Resources below!


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Dave’s Race Reports:

Natchez Trace 444 RAAM Qualifier

Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race

Glass Elevator Everest

HooDoo 500 Stage Race

Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race

Sebring 24hr RAAM Qualifier

Book Reference:

Title: Just Ride: Racing 2,725 Miles to Mexico

By: Ty Hopkins

Garmin Data Fields







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