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Did He Do It? Texas Time Trials Race Report [40:26]


As we make our way back to our home in Colorado, we’ll let you in on how the race went and whether Rick qualified for Race Across America. No spoiler alerts here. You’ll need to listen and find out the answer as Rick and Caryn chat along the course, in the car on the way home and, in our longer conversation, debrief the race where Rick will share what happened, what worked and what could be changed in the future from the (very tired) rider perspective. (Not to worry, next episode will include a crew debrief so you’ll get to hear how Caryn and Dan fared, as well!)

For you data geeks out there (aka nearly every cyclist ever), here’s a link to the race stats – note it’s the second tab at the bottom:

To learn more about Holland Racing and its ultra-cycling events, visit:



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