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Episode 33: Take One for the Team: Eleanor Allen and David Fellows of Team EA/Water for People [1:02:06]

It’s 2021 and we’re back with a Say Watt? first – an episode focused on the team aspect of Race Across America. Our guests Eleanor Allen and David Fellows (rider and crew, wife and husband of Team EA/Water for People) join us to share stories from their 2019, 4-person mixed team crossing. Check out the inside story of how teams actually work (it may be different from what you’d think!), what it’s like to crew for more than one rider, why you might want a project manager on your crew, and how it feels to cross the finish line with your teammates.

Eleanor and David are switching gears in 2021 and riding together on a two-person Race Across the West team. They’ll share where they are in their training, logistics planning and mental prep for this year’s race. Check out the links below for more info. on Team EA/Water for People and how you can contribute to its goal of bringing awareness and raising funds to help solve the global water and sanitation crisis through endurance cycling.

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2019 RAAM video:

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Race Across the West:

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