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Marko Baloh - Ultra-Cycling Legend and Coach [1:04:13]


In this special, extended episode, Rick talks to his coach and ultra-cycling legend, Marko Baloh. They chat about Marko’s storied cycling and coaching career, how he decided to take on Rick (a 60+, rookie ultra-cyclist) as a client, his hopes/expectations for his clients, and where he’ll be racing in 2020. Like Rick and Caryn, Marko and his wife, Irma, balance the complementary worlds of ultra-cyclist and support crew, and he talks about the role of this relationship in his—and any ultra-cyclists’—success.

To gear up for Marko, Caryn and Rick talk about why they work with coaches, how they each chose their coach and things to think about when picking a coach.

 Rick Zwetsch and Marko Baloh

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