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Episode 8: Inside the Crew Experience - Race Across the West [1:06:40]


Last time we talked with Jen Orr about her experiences riding Race Across the West. Now listen in as Caryn picks the brain of three-time RAW crew member, Brandy Ingels. Brandy served on the crew for her husband, Jason Ingels’ three RAW attempts, including as crew chief for his successful 2019 race.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Rick and Caryn came to know Brandy and Jason and the role they played in Rick’s first ultra-cycling race. Brandy also shares the inside scoop on planning for and crewing RAW including things to consider, what makes a crew work, her thoughts on budgeting and fundraising, and why she dedicates her and her family’s time to Jason’s cycling pursuits. This is a must listen for aspiring and even experience crew members. Athletes, listen in, too…you’re bound to gain a better understanding of what your crew goes through while you’re pedaling away toward your goals. 


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