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Episode 9: Quick Release - Terms & Definitions [0:22]


Join us for the first of our shorter, more concise episodes where we get laser focused on one subject! As we’ve been recording each episode, thinking about future episodes and well just talking about this stuff amongst ourselves and with others we realized there are a LOT of exercise, training and racing acronyms and terms that some listening may not be familiar with. Certainly, cyclists and ultra-cyclists will be in the know but others new to cycling or family and friends may be scratching their heads thinking, what the heck are all these terms and acronyms they’re using? Listen in and we’ll explain some of what we’re talking about!




Show resources:

Humon Hex Muscle Oxygen Sensor:

Concept 2:

Training Peaks:

Rick Zwetsch – RAAM 2021:

Race Across the West:

Race Across America:




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