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Jen Orr - Success in Ultra-Cycling [54:57]

Jen Orr is an accomplished triathlete turned ultra-cyclist. She made the switch with a bang taking first place overall (female) solo and setting a course record at the 2018 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships and leading the way to first place overall (male or female) solo in 2019 Race Across the West (RAW). Rick and Jen served together on Seana Hogan’s 2018 record-setting Race Across America (RAAM) crew wanting to see what it takes to get an athlete across the country and to the finish line as they both contemplated future RAW and RAAM attempts.

How (and why) did Jen make the shift to ultra-cycling? What makes her successful? What challenges does she face? What advice does she have for Rick as he stares down 5.5 months to his RAW attempt and what is she thinking about as she prepares for RAAM this June? Ride along as Rick and Jen discuss these topics and more in this engaging and inspiring interview.

Jen Orr

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