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Bike racing is expensive. Especially ultra-bike racing. Lots of travel, crews, vehicles, crew volunteering their time (while their race expenses are covered), etc.
In order for me to fund my bike races, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services on this page or my Web site.

Thank you for supporting these great companies and thank you for supporting me!

A machine that pulls you in

We completely re-engineered the rowing machine with patented technology, making each stroke feel like you’re out on the water. Then, we built an immersive experience around it.



I've been supplementing my cycling training with rowing since 2007 when I started on the Concept 2.
I joined the Concept 2 - 4 Million Meters Club back in 2008 and really haven't erged much
over the past few years. The Hydrow will change all of that!

Indoor rowing uses 86% of the muscles in the body and this indoor rowing machine is as good as it gets.

It's not cheap. Really good indoor exercise equipment never is. 

The Hydrow comes with an AMAZING team of talented instructors, an engaged and energized
online community 
and you'll get to see and erg on waterways all over the world.

Check it out at:

If you decide to order your Hydrow, they'll kick a little back toward my RAW 2021 race budget!

#ErgOn friends...and thank you!

2018-08-12 09.36.31.jpg
2018-08-12 09.36.44.jpg
2018-08-12 09.37.43.jpg
Infinity Bike Saddle.jpg
Infinity Bike Saddle_Dr Vince.jpg

Rick Z & Dr. Vince



Yes, maybe the most “interesting” saddle you’ve ever seen. And guess what?
It’s going to be the most comfortable too!


I’ve been riding bikes for more than 50 years and in 2021 I will make a solo attempt to finish RAAM, the world’s toughest bicycle race, at the age of 64 – in less than 12 days and 21 hours. I know what bikes I’ll use, I have a coach who’s finished the Race Across America [RAAM] 9 times, I’m figuring out my nutrition plan, I’m putting together my crew and up until August of 2018, the biggest unknown was going to be the bike seat.


Not anymore.


This is the most comfortable, yet supportive saddle I’ve ever ridden. No problems on long rides. No problems on multiple day rides. Every time I stand to climb or just stand to stretch the legs…sitting back down is like you just climbed on. E-v-e-r-y time. It’s just UNBELIEVABLE how comfortable this saddle is.


I have the L1X on my climbing bike (shown above) and the E1X  flat road bike!
I know this saddle won’t work for everyone.
But if it does, you are going to be


Use Code: ZRAAM for a discount!

Check out Episode 11 of our Say Watt? Podcast
where I interview the Founder of the Infinity Bike Seat Dr. Vince Marcel!

Road Bike Action Magazine named Infinity Bike Seat

one of the top 5 Short Seats for 2019!

AltRed Ammbassador Badge.jpg

AltRed contains a game-changing phytonutrient naturally found in beets called Betalain. AltRed, improves oxygen delivery*, mitigates lactic acid* and protects muscles from damage* during activity.

*These claims refer to effects observed during exercise. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. AltRed is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


AltRed has been a game changer for me. I feel stronger when I ride. I can rider longer with less fatigue and the recovery benefits are off the charts.

Ride longer. Ride stronger. Ride happy...with AltRed!

Use Code: rzwetsch-sur to SAVE 15%







I bought my WAHOO KICKR (Gen 1) when there weren't many smart trainers on the market - December 2015!
I now have close to 34,000 miles on my KICKR and it runs like a top. Not the cheapest trainer on the block.
Never had a problem.

I wouldn't use anything else.
150% satisfied!


Check out the WAHOO KICKR and
other great WAHOO smart trainers and products!

Fun with Numbers:

As of March 25, 2020...I've paid $0.035 /mile for my KICKR.

And that goes down with every mile.
A BARGAIN all day long when you ride on a trainer as much as I do!


Get a free WHOOP strap and your first month free when you join by clicking on the WHOOP logo above!
comp cyclist logo.png
I buy 90% of all my bike parts, supplies and gear at Competitive Cyclist. Have for years.
Selection is amazing. Prices are excellent. Every time
I check my other go to sites on price, I almost always
end up back here.
And, you'll be helping support my Race Across the West 2021 if you buy after clicking through from the logo above.
Happy shopping and thanks for your support!
Picky Bars_2.png
10 AMAZING Bars,
these are my faves...
Picky Bars_4.png
Picky Bars_6.png
Picky Bars_5.png
All 3 Oatmeals are
the best I've ever had!
(1 bowl before ALL long rides...)
Picky Oatmeal Cups.png
Picky Oatmeal Bags.png
Both of these are AH-MAZING. Sassy Molassy is my fave...
Picky Granola.png
Picky AmBADASSador logo.png
I'm very honored to be chosen to be a
Picky AmBADASSador for 2020!

I'm also a very happy Picky Club Member - have everything set-up to
ship to me on a regular basis so...easy peasy, lemon......!
Picky Oatmeal powers me for the first 90 minutes of any long ride. Next "to-do" with the Oatmeal is muffins and cookies!!

Picky Bars are AMAZING! So many tasty flavors. Easy to eat. Easy to digest. Can jam a half doz in your cycling jersey with no problem!
And Picky Performance Granola is KICK-ASS! So tasty for an
on-the-go-snack. Haven't even put it on anything yet - it's that good
all by itself!
Try nutrition, cool company!



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